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Enhance your performance & recover quickly.

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Unlock Your Potential

Slow recovery can lead to slow progress, but we’re here to help! Our recovery room offers equipment with patented technology to help you recover from injuries, strenuous workouts, or just long stressful days on the job.


Our equipment works by promoting increased blood flood to the muscles, thus allowing your muscles to receive more nutrients necessary for repair and recovery. Our recovery equipment helps control side effects of injuries and strenuous workouts, such as swelling and soreness otherwise known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).


Come try out our recovery room today and let us help you enhance your performance through quicker recovery.


Athletic Performance Optimization

Working with our physical therapists who have extensive backgrounds in sports and fitness, athletes get a highly trained set of eyes watching their movement patterns and looking for ways to improve performance. We are biomechanical specialists! Improved strength with improved mechanics can change one's performance and abilities. We can incorporate the Neubie into these programs to increase speed and strength, getting you back to the game with improved confidence. 

Injury Prevention Training 

Physical therapists not only treat injury but can help with injury prevention. We can look to see if you have areas that would make you more susceptible to injury (i.e ACL injury) by looking at mechanics and strength and movement patterns to identify issues, offer corrective exercise/training, and improve stability/strength of performance of those skills.

Norma Tec Compression Therapy 

Commonly found in professional athletic training rooms, our Norma Tec Compression allows clients to recover more quickly from practices/training.  Compression allows lactic acid to leave the body more quickly and helps the body feel better for stretching, mobility and less pain. 

Conditioning Program

We just completed our summer strength, fitness, and conditioning camp and are excited to announce 100% of the participants improved their overall strength/conditioning and fitness.  We tested each individual to get a baseline of strength, flexibility, jumping and agility at the beginning of summer. To date, all participants improved by at least 2-6 inches in jumping abilities.

Pose Method Training and Running Analysis

Learn to love running again with less pain using our Pose Method training techniques. We teach our runners how to run mechanically using gravity to their advantage. 

Become a Champion in Your Sport.

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Membership Levels

Membership Levels

All memberships for the Recovery Room require a $60.00 enrollment fee for set up of program, introduction to equipment, and initial injury screen/consultation.

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A La Carte Membership

A La Carte


Neubie Session

Become a Member

For more information on our Recovery Room and available services please call or email us at at 515-410-2908 or

Gift Cards

Give the gift of our Recovery Room! Purchase a gift certificate for any amount. This makes for a great gift for those active people in your life.

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Lauren has been fantastic! Our son’s pitching arm became really sore and Lauren helped us put a plan together to strengthen it back up. She is both knowledgeable and personable. Our son really enjoyed working with her because, while it was hard work, she also made it fun. He is back to full strength and doing very well because of Lauren’s expertise.

Stephanie S.

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