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Get to the bottom of your pain and restore optimal function.

Physical Therapy Session

Treatment Tailored to You

Our professional physical therapists work with you to evaluate and assess the root cause of your pain or injury. Once identified, our PTs set goals and create a rehabilitation program based on your specific needs with the goal of optimizing your health.


From your first appointment to your last, we strive to create a relationship of trust and reassurance that we will remain focused on your progress throughout your rehabilitation journey. Not only will we help you rehab your injury and restore your physical function, but we also work to promote your overall wellness and quality of life.


Upon completion of your physical therapy treatment, we offer wellness services such as wellness training and group exercise programs allowing you to continuously increase your health and performance.


NeuFit Method &
Neubie Technology

We are the sole physical therapy provider of the Neufit method and the Neubie in Central Iowa. This method allows us to help overcome the restraints that the sympathetic nervous system can have on healing your body.


The “Fight or Flight response” is a protective system in our body that helps protect us from injury, pain, or threats. However, the body often has difficulty letting go of that response once tissues have healed from the injury, thus limiting full recovery.  Sometimes our bodies become over sensitive to pain and sometimes they try to shut down the body to help guard the injured area; both of which are not optimal. The Neubie allows us to communicate with the nervous system and deliver a beneficial input into the system to get better outcomes such as ROM, strength, better blood flow for healing and many other positive responses.


The Neubie offers Direct Current to achieve these responses vs Alternating Current found in most neuromuscular stimulation devices in other clinics. We can work in mapping mode to scan the body to find areas of concern, work in recovery mode to help improve communication with the nervous system, and finally work in training mode to help with strength and performance. 


Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation & Iontophoresis (4mG/mL Dexamethasone)

Although these are not commonly used, they are offered as ways to help with pain management for inflamed tissues and help the body improve mobility.

Dry Needling

Although not covered by insurance at this time, this is a highly effective way to release trigger points in the body that contribute to pain. “Dry needling” is termed dry because we do not use any form of medication with the treatment. We use a very small needle and insert it into the tissue to help break up the trigger point with a pistoning technique. To help with recovery we may also use an electrical current to stimulate the tissue to help reeducate the muscles on how to contract correctly. 

(ROM) Range of Motion Stretches

Keeping your mobility in sports, daily life and as we age can help improve response times and minimize injury. Your therapist will help increase your mobility to help you improve functional movement patterns needed to be active individuals. 

Running Evaluation & Performance

Our Pose Method certified specialist will analyze your running mechanics to see if you have proper form or whether you are doing something mechanically that could be causing a potential for injury.  By enrolling in our run program, we can help you get back to running with less stress on the body. 

Anodyne Therapy

This therapy works off of a 890 nanometer light to help improve nitric oxide in the tissue and thus help blood response to the tissue and heal tissues.  It can have a great impact on neuropathies related to diabetes and from chemotherapies. 

Astym® Treatment

Our Astym specialist uses patented tools to deliver an evidence based approach to improve blood flow to the tissues, helping to improve soft tissue mobility and scar tissue patterns in the body.  Our athletes love this treatment option as it can help them improve ROM as needed to improve their skills for their return to sports. 


Alpha-Stim (CES) & (M-Stim)

Researched by John Hopkins University, Alpha Stim has shown to be highly effective in treatment for patients with anxiety, insomnia and depression.  The CES is able to reach 98% of the neurons with electrical conductivity  in our brain whereas medication can reach 2% of those receptors based on chemical response. 


Don’t see the therapy you were looking for? That doesn’t mean we don’t have it! 

For more information on conditions we treat and physical therapy services we offer please contact our team.


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I received great physical therapy at Champions Recovery Room. The therapists there were very dedicated to helping me restore full function after breaking a bone in my foot and being in a boot for 10 weeks. They are very professional, positive, and encouraging.

Carol K.

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